Leather shoes are among the stylish and popular shoes that can work for you for years if properly cared for and washed. How to clean leather shoes is directly related to its lifespan; That is, if you use high-quality wax and basic washing, you can use it for several years.

Leather shoes need more care compared to other shoes, and the cleaning method is also slightly different. If you clean your leather shoes with inappropriate and non-standard washing methods, they will deteriorate much faster than you can imagine and lose their original beauty and charm. Therefore, in order to be able to keep your leather shoes always clean, you must be familiar with the correct washing methods.

Some people mistakenly use some unprincipled home methods to clean leather shoes, which are not only ineffective, but also damage the shoes very quickly and cause problems such as dullness or fading. Therefore, do not resort to any method to clean leather shoes and put aside incorrect home practices forever.

In the rest of this article, we will teach you how to clean leather shoes and we will also examine the common mistakes in washing all types of leather shoes. So, if you want to clean your leather shoes in a basic way, stay with a AIK until the end of this article.

How to clean leather shoes

Leather shoes have different types, which are generally classified into two categories: natural and artificial leather. Natural leather is made from the skin of different animals such as sheep, cow, goat and snake, and artificial leather, as its name suggests, is obtained from the combination of different chemicals, which looks very similar to natural leather. Therefore, the way to clean synthetic or natural leather shoes is not much different from each other and both types of leather are cleaned in the same way. Get to know the types of artificial leather in this article.

Among the most common types of leather shoes, we can mention Chebro leather shoes and Nubuck or Ashbalt leather shoes, and we will teach you how to clean these two popular and attractive types of leather.

How to clean leather shoes

How to clean leather shoes

Shebro leather is one of the best types of leather, which is made from the highest layer of animal skin (usually cow or goat) and has a shiny and polished appearance. How to clean Chebro leather shoes is very simple, but to wash them properly and properly, you must pay attention to some simple tips so that your shoes retain their beautiful and elegant appearance after washing and do not get lost.
To clean Shabro shoes, first clean your shoes from any dirt or dust using a dry towel. If the shoe is muddy, you should completely remove the mud stuck to it from its outer surface using a soft brush. After cleaning the surface of the shoe from mud and mud, you should draw a brush or a damp cotton towel on it so that there is no more trace of dirt or mud on the shoe. Now wait a few minutes until your shoes are completely dry and free of moisture.
After cleaning the surface and drying the leather shoes, it is time to use traditional oil-based waxes or liquid and vegetable waxes based on water to make the shoes completely clean and shiny. The best type of wax to clean Chebro leather shoes is traditional wax, but it may be difficult for some people to use. For this reason, a wide variety of people go to water-based waxes to clean their leather shoes. However, in order to increase the life of your leather shoes, it is better to use traditional waxes to make the surface of your shoes look more shiny. In the article “Types of leather shoe wax”, we have fully explained about the suitable waxes for leather shoes. To use traditional wax, you need to apply a small amount of it on the shoe surface using a soft brush. The important thing that you should pay attention to at this stage is that your brush should not be too wet with wax, and what is important is that you apply the brush gently on the entire outer surface of the shoe in a circular or uniform manner. to be completely clean and clear. After finishing the waxing step, you should pass your shoes over a gentle gas heat so that the wax is well absorbed by the shoes. At this stage, make sure that you pass your shoes only over the gentle heat of the gas and do not hold them over the flame. Now let your shoes rest for 10 to 15 minutes, and in the last step, clean the surface of the shoes with a dry cotton towel or a soft brush so that it becomes shiny and polished like the first day.
It is better to use water-based vegetable waxes made for different colors to clean leather shoes, especially light colored shoes such as white or honey. Because the process of doing it is much simpler than traditional wax, and you only need to clean the surface of the shoe using a cotton cloth, then spray some wax on the shoe and clean it completely with a soft brush and let it dry at normal temperature. Dry the room.
How to clean leather shoes


Leather shoes need more care than other shoes, and you must be very careful to wash them and do not clean your shoes with different detergents. Also, never put your shoes in direct sunlight.

In general, the dry cleaning method is the best and least risky way to clean leather shoes because it does not harm the texture of the shoes and its color and is very easy to do. Therefore, according to the material of your leather shoes, be sure to try one of these two standard and basic methods to clean them and stop worrying about changing the shape or color of your suede or leather shoes.


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