Distinguishing natural leather from synthetic is not very difficult. Just read some tips about it. Leather has been used to produce all kinds of bags, shoes, belts, jackets, etc. since the past years. Since leather is made from the tanned skin of animals, it has high durability, quality and life. It is also expensive in terms of price and has become a luxury product today. For this reason, some sections of the society do not have the power to buy and use it. As a result, a type of leather known as artificial leather, which is very similar to natural leather, was produced and launched on the market.

This similarity has caused people to get confused when buying leather and in the end they are not satisfied with their purchase. Sometimes they may even buy artificial leather at the price of natural leather. This is the hat that sometimes goes on most of us. In this article, we are going to introduce you the methods of distinguishing natural leather from industrial leather, so stay tuned with AIK.

The difference between natural and synthetic leather

It can be easy to distinguish between natural leather and artificial leather using the solution given in the following article. Of course, before anything else, we must get acquainted with natural and industrial leather and how they are produced.

Tricks to distinguish natural leather from synthetic

natural leather

Natural leather is a flexible and durable product that is produced by removing animal hair and tanning their skin. Tanning is a practice that transforms animal skin, which is a perishable material, into a flexible product with a long lifespan.

Natural leather is divided into three categories: light, heavy and semi-heavy.

Heavy natural leather

This type of leather is of higher quality than other leathers and has a very high resistance to abrasion. It is also beautiful and elegant. As a result, it is the best choice for making shoe soles, shoe uppers, leather bags and other leather products. Heavy leather is mainly made from the skin of animals such as calf, camel, cow, shark, etc.

Semi-heavy natural leather

Semi-heavy natural leather is used in making products that are delicate and need to be decorated. Compared to heavy leather, this leather is rarer and is made from the skin of animals such as ostrich, snake and crocodile.

Artificial leather

The difference between natural and artificial leather is in the way they are made. Synthetic leather is made from chemical and polymer products such as polyurethane or PVC. In fact, synthetic leather is produced by two methods, dry and under special conditions. Because this artificial leather is cheap compared to natural leather, it is mostly used for the production of furniture, sports bags, bags and shoes.


Tricks to distinguish natural leather from synthetic

How to distinguish natural leather from synthetic

In order to be able to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather, we suggest the following solutions:

Natural leather heterogeneity

Since natural leather is made from animal skin. Its surface is uneven and sometimes even wrinkled. While synthetic (industrial) leather is made with the help of a machine, it has a smooth and completely uniform surface.

Smelling leather

The production of natural leather from the skin of animals causes a special smell of natural leather to be smelled. At the same time, synthetic leather smells like plastic.

The softness and flexibility of natural leather

Natural leather is completely soft and tender and can be easily bent in any direction. But synthetic leather is hard, tough and rough.

Pay attention to the lining or the inside of the leather

It is also possible to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather with the help of the lining inside the leather. If you turn the natural leather over and look at its interior, its fluffy appearance will attract your attention. But they have used thread to sew the synthetic leather lining. If the lining of the product you intend to buy is covered with fabric and it is not possible to see it, pay attention to the edges of the leather and observe the lint. This work is one of the methods of identifying natural leather.

final word

Differentiating natural leather from artificial leather will help you not make mistakes when buying and be able to make an acceptable and high-quality purchase. A product made of natural leather is durable, beautiful and flexible and does not lose its style over time. Buying artificial leather and paying the price of natural leather is definitely uncomfortable. We hope that by reading this article and knowing how to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather, you will not have any problems when buying leather products.


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