This shoe owes its high sales to the fact that “it is a good choice for all people with different tastes” in leather shoes, you can find natural leather, artificial leather, shiny and shiny leather, dull leather, and smooth leather. Choose polished and feathered leathers such as nubuck and suede; In leather shoes, whether you are a rich person who is looking for a luxury and expensive product, whether you are an average person in the society, or whether you are looking for a shoe with economical prices, there will be an option in front of you so that you can look and style with it. Complete yourself well.

One of the interesting features of leather shoes is that due to its various models, it has various applications and can be used in various situations. Leather shoes can be a good companion for you in a formal ceremony and ceremony, and can be used daily and comfortably. have and even be a suitable option for an open fashion with a modern style.

Leather, a shoe for all seasons:

In addition to space limitations, leather shoes do not have time limitations either. These shoes can be prepared and used in a variety of models suitable for hot seasons, cold seasons, or leather shoes suitable for all seasons. Of course, summer leather shoes are different from winter leather shoes in the type of finishing and tanning, so that in summer leather the pores of the leather texture are preserved and the inside of the leather is cool, but in winter leather the pores are more blocked, so it has good resistance against the penetration of moisture. And it stays warm inside the shoe.


Why should we use leather shoes

Leather shoes are among the most beautiful shoes:

As mentioned, natural leathers are derived from the skin of animals such as cows, sheep, goats, crocodiles, etc., and their competitive advantage over other shoes is in the beauty of this case: veins, lines, and natural complications that exist on the surface of the leather. and gives an attractive look to the product; In addition to this feature, the polished and shiny surface of leather doubles the charm of leather shoes. To complete this beauty, it is enough to be able to match your leather shoes with clothes in different colors, which advanced technologies provide you with this possibility by creating a variety of colors in leather shoes.

High quality shoes:

The quality of leather shoes is famous among all general audiences and experts in the field of shoes, so that leather shoes can be placed on the first platform with the highest quality shoes. Of course, leather shoes cover a wide range of qualities, considering whether it is synthetic, vegetable or animal leather, or even considering the skin of which animal it is made of, and even considering the type of finishing and tanning.

Why should we use leather shoes


Leather shoes, a product for life!

Due to the high resistance of leather textures to impact, wear and tear and the impact of sharp objects, a long life can be expected from a leather shoe, so if you are looking for a shoe to use for several years, you have come to the right path. Leather is one of the best choices for your future. Leather shoes are not damaged by themselves with proper use and do not wear out due to the passage of time, unless you use leather shoes in such a way that you do not damage your leather shoes due to impact, double pressure, improper washing, and not observing the maintenance tricks of your leather shoes. destroy





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